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I think our infrastructure depreciation is too high and affecting our financial sustainability.  What are our options?

Firstly we review your inputs and make sure they align with best available international research and your evidence for useful lives and unit costs.  Then we help you use your asset management plans to determine future infrastructure investment needs rather than depreciation.  Our experience is most organisations are overstating depreciation and the funding needed for the next 10 years may actually be a lot more or less than depreciation depending on where assets are in their lifecycle.


We want to implement a new asset management software system but we’re nervous about possible cost and time blowouts.  How can we manage our risk?

We work with your software implementation team and software vendor to ensure you have a clear project and risk management plan that includes a data health check, business process re-alignment and skills transfer to your organisation so you stay in control of your core business.


We are struggling with increasing compliance and risk management requirements.  How can we keep up with our limited resources?

We complete a maturity assessment so everyone knows what is and is not being done and the risk consequences of what is not done.  This allows risk management and reporting and a re-allocation of resources where needed to manage any high residual risk associated with compliance.